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Welcome to Chameleon!

Are you a local business or company that need helps with their waste, recycling and cleaning, maintenance and lawn care?

Do you want to have more of a greener impact on the environment, and reduce your carbon footprint?

Then opt for Chameleon Industrial Management, as we’re one of the best property service providers in Australia and have just the right solutions for you.

Whether you need pickup service for your recycling or smart, efficient solution for handling waste produced on the daily, as well as all cleaning service requirements, we’ve got you covered.

As a company working for many years in providing both local small businesses and companies the tools and services to handle their waste, we’ve also lead to a path of sustainability and safety. By encouraging smart practices to remove waste and contamination we ensure a safe environment for their employees, and at the same time make sure their company is sustainable as well.

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Benefits of Effective Waste Management and Cleaning Services for Businesses


1. Not only do you save time by contracting or leasing your waste management to another company, but also money in the long run.

2. Save cost in storage and floor space by regularly getting rid of spare parts, scrap materials, supplies and extra waste produced on the daily in your repair shop or garage.

3. Effective waste management creates a secure and safe environment, free of contamination for employees working for you which will make sure you’re not liable in case of unfortunate accidents.

4. Many businesses struggle with reducing their carbon footprint, but by recycling and properly removing your waste, you not only help yourself but the environment as well.

5. Chameleon Industrial Management offers sustainable and smart solutions for businesses that want to make a pronounced green effort in their daily practices and on a company level.

6. Waste management often leads to more productivity and optimal performance which is a crucial factor for people working in the automotive industry to not only deliver well but on time as well.

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Email us via info@chameleoncare.com.au and our Onboarding Team will help with next steps in working with you to manage your current requirements and see how you cut costs and maintain a clean and safe environment for yourself and your employees to work from.

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